Dr. Mindy Bumgarner

I want to thank everyone who helped out with my campaign from phone calls, donations, block walking, and poll sitting.

Thank you for all the tireless work you did. While we were not successful I do want to reach out to the hundreds of teachers, hundreds of parents, multiple teachers aid, and multiple paras in the district I have heard your complaints of the school system and the difficulties that make it impossible for you to do your jobs.

I will always be an advocate for each and every one of you. I will continue to be available and help with solving problems. We have an amazing school district but we need to improve so much from our policies to our treatment of students and staff.

While I will not be a School Board Trustee I will always be fighting for you all.

Mindy Bumgarner


Pat Fallon

Danny Fletcher

North Texas Pac
for Trust Honesty and Integrity

Where to Vote

Early Voting: April 24th - May 2nd
Election Day: Saturday, May 6th

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